Product Capabilities

Our durable, long lasting products will take a beating in the field and we strive to make sure that the right material is used and that your specific tolerances are held. Your satisfaction is our highest priority and our products are put to the test countless times, every day. Our knowledge and experience in the field of plastics technologies keeps us competitive and allows us to maintain the leadership role we have achieved in our industry.

Most Popular Products:

  • Surface Mounts
  • Electronic Casings
  • Aerospace Couplings and Washers
  • OEM Designed Level and Flow Sensors
  • Fishing Lures
  • Reloading Equipment

At Marlborough Plastics, our theory has always been that early collaboration and open communication are the keys to project success. By working closely with our customers and affiliates, we are able to bring you the experienced engineers, quality machinery and streamlined development that you deserve. Our multi-talented staff will dedicate itself to your product and make sure that our components can be implemented easily into your design.

In a world where plastics technologies are becoming more and more essential to a myriad of industries, Marlborough Plastics is ready to keep up with this ever-evolving market and to provide security and innovation to our clients. When your company needs thermoplastics, injections and insert molding services, try Marlborough Plastics for the leader in plastics services and technology!

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