Mold Production and Repair

Prototype and Production Molds

Marlborough Plastics specializes in prototype and production molds for almost every industry. Injection molds for plastics require a strict attention to detail for the mold to be a successful production tool. The quality and efficiency of a final mold could determine the quality, durability and, ultimately, the profitability of your product. Our in-house tool and die department is ready to meet your needs! Please contact us today.

Mold Maintenance

Every injection mold requires maintenance, whether it be preventative or repair. We are equipped to handle the smallest of components to the largest of injection molds. Our years of experience allow us to troubleshoot and repair molds, restoring the plastic mold to production status.  After long production runs, our tooling department executes a mold maintenance schedule to keep your tooling up to production standards. This proactive practice has proven to increase the longevity of the molds and quality of the parts produced.

Mold production, maintenance and repair is part art and part engineering. Contact our staff today to discuss any tooling repairs or maintenance you may need.